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released June 21, 2016

Drums : Bowie
Guitars : Mouth
Vocals : Rex

Produced by Mike Jelinek at Jelly Studios
Additional vocals on 'Cookie' by Storm Wyness
Additional percussion on 'Break My Back' by Bowie, Mike, Mouth, and Rex
Artwork by Brian Cheung



all rights reserved


ABACAXUVA Perth, Australia

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Track Name: Uppercut
Got a hairy problem?
Need some special treatment?
Need a cure for the dry roots?
Well he is walking down the street

Oh Edward, take care of my head, would you?

We all fall at his feet
All of the townsfolk get a treat
I think I'll have what she's having
Winona Ryder gets her ride on... yeah!

Oh Edward, take care of my head, would you?
Track Name: Break My Back
When my bones were stuck
I puckered up
And staggered up the stairwell
Curled my fingers into fists
And I lingered when
I should've said farewell
Night drifts on but we stay warm
Your back in the shape of a question

And your
Wave goodbye
Breaks my back

Out the door and down the street
The fog curling around my ankles
Halting breath and
Skin on flesh
Another chance I'll run from
But long for

When your
Wave goodbye
Breaks my back
Track Name: Cookie
Hey babe
Let's just get away
The bills aren't getting paid
We're waiting for nothing to happen

If love don't pay the rent
Tell me what you spent
Our last dollars on my dear

Get in the car and drive away
Save your whinging for another day
Run from the sun until we cross state lines
Towards the stars and leave the city behind
The windows down until it gets cold
You're less annoying on the open road
And we're in love
No, we're lost!

Haven't I told you you're the only one who ever got me?
Haven't I told you you're the only one who drives me crazy?
Track Name: Bubbles That Burst
You told me you were the first
(You're not the only one)
To think my love is a curse
Now who's the loneliest one?

Spend your life waiting for it to come

One day we'll travel the world
On our own coin
Hop the plane, skip the boat
While you still go to sleep alone

Suck your tongue
While we make bubbles that burst

It's 3am, early morning
But your screen's still on
Through the wall I hear you talking
And the jig is up
Guess what, son?

I'm making bubbles that burst
You'll only make things worse
Track Name: Ship To Shore

Looking at the keel in a restless wave
Skippering 'The Pebble' across the bay
Stepping down the flickering gangway
Speaking to the coast by a tethered cable
Shout into the wind to say it
The wind'll carry all your words away
It's knocking on the hull all night and day
Outta talk, outta thought, and your breath is so cold

Taking the ship to shore
Didn't really want to though
Send your heart into the whirlpool

They'd've talked you around it anyway
No better friends than you'll make than them
Don't put your heart into a cage
Sunk like a chest on the ocean floor

From the shore I hope the anchor stays
But it's pulling up through my ribcage
My grip gets weaker every day
I've a strong resolve but I need to let it go

Watch the ship leave the shore
Drift over the horizon
Put your arms against the door

Taking the ship to shore
Didn't really want to
Send your heart into the world

All the way
To the edge
To the curve

Blacker between
Pounding chest
Pounding surf

What do you wanna say when you look out at the sea, my man?
You only say: "maybe when all the stars line up again"